Fundraiser Concerts

Would you like to host a concert?

Here are some basic requirements:

  • Facility must have a minimum of 1000 seating for guests or greater at one seating. We also do  National acts in large stadiums.
  • Must have an active social media for local advertising to reach out to your local community announcing the event.
  • Basic sound and lighting for wireless mics. The entertainer will have a “Rider” which will have all the necessary requirements. 
  • Small private (Green Room) Prep Room for dressing and makeup with private bathroom.
  • Provide  information on local hotels, for those who may need a place to stay.  Some may travel in a Motor Coach, a safe place to park the coach, IE facility property, local RV Sites.
  • A second performance is available upon first show sold out status.
  • A large room for Meet and Greets and photo ops.
  • VIP  Packages will be available for up to 200 guests, they will receive a  keepsake photo of the entertainer also includes entrance and premium  seating to show.
  • The host Church / Facility must carry event insurance per rider for the concert / event per “Rider requirements”.
  • $5.00  from every ticket sold goes back to the host facility for cost for  usage of the facilities these monies can be used for Fundraisers,  Building Projects, Missions and so on.
  • If  you have video streaming to a second location, members/guests would  like to view the show from a satellite TV, a reduced ticket fee is  available.
  • 5-7  Volunteers to help unload and load equipment as needed. Volunteers will  receive free admission, photos, meals along with photo ops with the  artist depending on artist rider.
  • The same 5-7 Volunteers may be needed to help in security for the event.

Fundraiser Cruises

Fundraiser Cruises

You may be asking: why did we lump ‘family’ and ‘fundraising’ groups together? Put simply, they both have added benefits. How are they obtained? Through Groups.

Cruise lines like groups because it means multiple people and cabins which means more profits. To get these groups, they’ve come up with programs that give back and/ or add value to your cruise without paying any extra. To qualify for these ‘extras’ the group must have eight or more cabins (16 guests based on double occupancy) but the savings are worth it! 

Just about all the major cruise lines have Fundraising and Charity programs. All you need to be is a 501c3 affiliation and the cruise lines will actually give you money for every cabin that’s booked onboard your group. It’s that simple.

Let me share an example of one we did with a church in Utah in 2014, the church has requested to remain anonymous, the pastor called us and wanted to do a fund raiser cruise in the summer of 2014. The pastor gave us all the details and the goals needed to raise funds for a new sound system for their church. We went over the details and within a month had all the information and then started to advertise the fundraiser cruise. We agreed to mark up the cruise $75.00 per person and 750 people attended the cruise on a 4 night to Key West and Cozumel Mexico. During the cruise we had several guest speakers and the church band played music for several nights of the cruise. About mid-week the fundraiser began, our guest speaker spoke and we then passed the hat for collections in which $25,000 came in both cash and check, then I tallied all the up charges from the $75.00 up charges for the cruise and had a grand total of $81,250.00, not bad for a first time fundraiser.

Fundraising Cruises

Generate Greater Interest, Increase Donor Giving and Have More Fun with Fundraising Cruises

Looking for unique fundraising ideas? Want a fundraiser that demands an encore year after year? A cruise is just the ticket. Donors will find a truly memorable experience that allows them the satisfaction of helping your worthwhile cause plus the pleasure of spending time with their loved ones in exotic destinations.

Just for non-profits, fundraising cruises: 

  • Offer donors a tax-deductible vacation.
  • Provide affordable prices through discounted group      rates.
  • Increase loyalty through organization-centered events      and excursions.

When you choose Legacy Entertainment, you'll receive:

  • Get 1 free cabin for every 15 cabins booked (great for      use as giveaways)
  • Receive a donation of 1/3 of our profits on the      commission able portion of your 3 or more day cruise (averages 16%) and
  • Have unlimited and complimentary use of our      professional Account Manager to help plan every aspect of your event.

The nuts and bolt of how a fundraiser cruise really works:

· The promoter of the fundraiser will contact the Management at Legacy Entertainment to go over the details of the cruise. Date, year, destinations, any special accommodations needed, and so on. 

· What are the financial goals that would like to be met for the fund raiser, $$$

· We mark up the cruise to meet the goals based on how many people will be attending the cruise.

Of all the unique fundraising ideas, fundraising cruises give the most flexibility. There's no need to abandon your favorite events. It's easy to incorporate a silent auction, golf tournament or other activity into your cruise. Your personal Account Manager will handle all the details.

Relax! Reap the Benefits without Wearing Yourself Out 

Fundraising cruises can be a tremendous amount of work to plan, coordinate and implement. That is… unless you have a talented staff at your disposal. That's what makes Cruise Vacation Center different than other travel agencies.

Your fundraising cruise is completely customized to meet your desires and those of your donors. From cabin selection to excursion reservations to awards night banquets and more, we'll take care of all the planning so you can relax and enjoy the cruise. Once onboard, you’re Cruise Vacation Center Account Manager will assist with implementing every aspect of the fundraiser.

We Can Customize and Arrange:

  • Bon voyage packages
  • Private receptions
  • Special events and meet and greets with celebrities      along with photo ops 
  • Air and ground transportation
  • Amenity packages
  • Insurance
  • Videos
  • Golf outings
  • Conference rooms and equipment
  • Tours and shore excursions and more!

You'll even receive marketing tools and promotional materials. Non-profits receive fundraising brochures, postcards, flyers and more to help generate greater interest and ultimately more proceeds.

Your Own, Personal Account Manager

Parties of all fundraising cruises are provided with an experienced, professional Account Manager - at no additional cost - to serve as your liaison with the cruise line and to:

  • Develop plans and timelines
  • Monitor budgets, provide daily accounting aboard ship      and financial reconciliation at program's end
  • Create and manage a database of participants
  • Coordinate awards, meetings, special events, port      activities and VIP requests
  • Create registration forms, invitations and other forms      of communication
  • Provide assistive cruise staff aboard ship and schedule      their duties
  • Implement programs aboard ship in conjunction with you      and your team and
  • Anticipate needs and follow up on details

Ask for details about:

  • Meeting accommodations (no cost)
  • Children's programs (no cost)

We'll also gladly arrange for customized promotional items (at an added cost) including:

  • Announcements
  • Document holders
  • Gift baskets
  • Floral arrangements and Chocolates.

A Fully Equipped Conference Center at Sea

From awards dinners to annual meetings to multimedia presentations, Cruise Vacation Center can arrange for a wide range of meeting accommodations aboard ship.

Theater-style seating, classrooms, boardrooms and more can be reserved during fundraising cruises.

Need other unique fundraising ideas? Host a talent show in one of the ship's spacious lounges. Hold a silent auction - complete with multimedia functions and staging - in the ship's showroom. Practically anything you need can be arranged.

You'll have full access to a host of equipment including:

  • Internet access
  • microphones and sound equipment
  • overhead projectors
  • TVs, VCRs or DVDs
  • And more!

Choose your Destination:

We ask you 3 basic questions:

1. Where do you want to go?

2. When do you what to go, day month?

3. For how long?

#1 where do you want to go?

You'll set sail to fascinating ports of call. 

Choose from: Bahamas, Europe,
US Virgin Islands, Alaska,
Jamaica, Mexico, Greece
Hawaii Italy, Cayman Islands Aruba

And so many others!

#2 when do you want to go?

The reason we ask this question is it takes 9-10 months to plan a fundraiser cruise, to get advertising and social media up and going, arrange for speakers or celebrities involved. Along with those who wish to finance their cruise with free financing.

#3 for how long? 

Many cruises range between 3-4 nights to 7-10 nights. Based on the promoter of the fundraiser will dictate how many nights the cruise will be. We always recommend 3-4 night cruise for first time cruises.

Here is the process:

Step 1: The Set Up. We worked with the cruise line to design a program that we felt would be beneficial and appealing to each fundraiser recipient. With that in mind, we selected a ship and sail date (Alaska Cruise in September) that maximized local appeal, cost, and the most money coming back to the recipient. We then contacted a Guest Speaker, developed an activity schedule and started advertising.

Step 2: Advertising. This is important because for this to work, you must be willing to use your database to get the information out. We DO NOT want your mailing list – we just need to be able to communicate with your database and social media supported the communication through their newsletter, website. The best part about advertising is that we have developed strong relationships with our cruise line partners and they will help support (share in the cost) of advertising so your advertising expenditure is little to nothing.

Step 3: Making the sale. Here is where your non-profit really wins: we do all the work! We handle the entire booking process – the most you’ll do is this: if someone calls you, you’ll need to give them our contact information. We provide all the information and take the booking. Seriously.

Step 4: Collecting The Check: 3 months after the sailing we will collect a check from the cruise line and hand it to you. That simple.

Let us know when you’re ready to get started!

Call us at (863-669-3191) for additional details on cruising for non-profits. Fundraising has never been easier or more fun! When you call, you'll receive additional information specific to your organization and event.

We'll immediately arrange for you to speak with an Account Manager who can provide exact costs. We will also provide other information vital to making your fundraising cruise a smashing success!

Call us at 863-669-3191.