Q: I have never been to a Convention before but I want to meet my favorite Guest …. where do I start? 

A: General  admission tickets will get you inside the Concert / Convention. You are  welcome to stand in any Guest’s line to meet them, say hello, or  purchase an Autograph, if you have not done so ahead of time.  Only a  few Guests offer selfies and they will charge you for it. Most Guests  request “CASH ONLY” so be sure and visit an ATM prior to entering the  event.

There are ATMs machine Are available  throughout the building

Q: What will I have to pay for at the show? 
A: Please visit our TICKETS page.  There are general admission tickets for one (1) day or  two (2) day,  (2) Day VIP Passes and which does not include parking or any autographs.  Autographs and professional photo ops and other events. All Panels or  Exhibitions are Free to attend during the Convention.

 Any and all Classes. Some you can purchase on our TICKETS page, and some you must go to the actual web site to purchase. This decision is based upon each Guest's requests. 

Q: What about weapons? 
A: Costume & toy weapons are  permitted as part of your costume. Convention staff and security reserve  the right to inspect all attendees’ props to ensure that no authentic  weapons of any kind are brought onto the Convention center property or  into the Convention center building. No GUNS of any kind on the property  per management.

By  attending the Convention, all attendees expressly agree and consent to  this inspection and waive any and all objections. Any and all authentic  weapons are strictly prohibited and those found or identified during any  such inspection may be confiscated by Convention staff and security.

Q: Can I bring my pet? 
A: Please leave your pets at home as the Convention center only allows Service Animals and must wear their vests stating "Service Animal".

Q: What if my child, friends or family get lost? 
A: Always  make sure your children have some type Identification on them. If your  child is lost, please go to Registration immediately!! A security and  First Aid along with Police / Security Command center will be available  on the property, see any event personnel for assistance. 

Q: What time does the Convention start? 
A: Convention hours for both Saturday and Sunday are:

Doors open at 10:00am Convention / Concerts closes at 10:00 pm

Q: Can we wear Costumes? 
A: Yes!! We encourage them.

Q: What are the rules for the Costumes? 
A: You MUST comply with the local  decency laws. You may wear nothing that might harm yourself or other  Convention / Concert attendees.  No real weapons. All Costume weapons  ONLY!! (See Question #3 above for more explicit info)

Q: Can I bring my own Food and Drink?

A: There are a variety of concessions on site for food and drink. 

Q: Can I volunteer for the show? 
A: Visit the “Volunteer" page to find a volunteer application…or use this Link: VOLUNTEER


Q: Are autographs free or included in my ticket?
A:  No you must purchase them  on-line, (which all include an autograph and professional photo op),  General Admission does not include autographs or professional photo  ops.  The Guests usually charge a nominal fee for their autograph and  most of them can be purchased presale.

Autographs purchased at the Convention usually require Cash-only.

Q: Do the actors have their own items to sign, or do I have to bring things for them? 
A: Actors will have a set of  printed photos you can choose from, but you may also bring a personal  item.  An actor has the right to refuse any item and to also require any  signed item be personalized.

Q: I can’t attend but can I still buy an autograph? 
A: At this point we do not offer a mail-in service for autographs.  You currently need to attend the show.


What  is Will Call and who needs to go there for their tickets? If you  purchase your tickets online, bring the printed receipt with you to be  scanned for entry.

Will  Call, or the Box Office, is where ALL guests (including VIPs) must  exchange their printed purchase confirmation for a badge or wristband  granting convention admission. Will Call will be located inside the  convention venue, with signs and volunteers inside to guide you to the  correct location. Will Call is open to everyone from at 10:00am Saturday  and Sunday!

Q: I only have a general admission day pass.  Can I still meet a guest? 
A: Yes, the guests will have certain hours they sit at their booths and greet fans.

Q: How do I buy tickets? 
A: You can purchase tickets using the "Tickets" Page or use this link: TICKETS. (1) (2) (3) day VIP Pass will be available limited sales per day.

Q: What time will registration open?  What time can I get in line? 
A: Registration will open early  by roughly one – two hours each day.(Time will be announced!!)  You can  line up as soon as the Event opens their doors.

Q: What is the last day to buy advanced tickets? 
A:  You can Buy tickets online up to the day of the show, recommend you buy  early as the shows in the passed have sold out weeks in advance.

: My mom paid for my ticket and I do not have an ID How do I get my tickets? 
A: You  need to have your ID with you or your E-email ticket Confirmation. You  have to be 18 or older to enter the event property, unless  accompanied by an adult and 21 to get drinks.

Q: Can I come and go? 
A: Parking at the Convention is  paid parking $10.00. You should keep your wrist stamp (and any lanyard)  on your person and visible as long as you are on the Convention  premises.

Q: I can’t attend the show at all. Can I get a refund? 
A: We have a no refund policy also this a rain or shine event. 


Q: Can I use my own camera? 
A: There are some photograph  restrictions in some places and with most guests.  You will be notified  by sign or person in these cases.  PLEASE ASK FIRST so that the Guest’s  agents or Security does not surprise you. Be polite….  Always ask.


Q: How can I purchase a booth space? 
A: You can purchase Booth spaces by visiting our "Vendors” page.


Use the "Contact Us" page: